A little Back Story Behind The Makings of Starr Computers

For over two decades, STARR COMPUTER (STARR) produced its own brand of computer and maintenance support to meet the local demands in Guyana. Its 16 years of Security and Surveillance solutions, and, 14 years of Telecommunications combined with 7 years of Renewable Energy experience places the company at a very strategic level in modern history.
Over time we saw the convergence of the computer and consumer electronics. Today the convergence continued with telecommunications and surveillance electronics unto a portable inexpensive portable super-computer – the Samsung Smartphone. And, STARR rightfully was given the opportunity to become the distributor of Samsung in Guyana.


In an effort to continue “always ahead with technologies”, STARR will continue to offer free daily workshops and weekly public seminars on new solutions to its customers, friends, and, citizens of Guyana

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Want to work for us?

We’re always looking of a few new technology guru’s – If you’re a passionate worker and think you have what it takes, send your resume and details to sales@starrcomputers.com for all opportunities.

Georgetown, Guyana

59 Brickdam